Anyone know a really good concrete guy in the Hyde Park/Oakley area of Cincinnati?

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My fiancé and I are looking to build a stamped concrete patio in our backyard as well as excavate the current patio.  We also need sidewalk work done for the city by June 12th.... does anyone have a concrete guy who is dependable and does good work?  I would really appreciate any referrals!

I just had the driveway at my personal property replaced by JNB Construction a couple weeks ago.  Pretty happy with the results.  I don't know if they do stamped stuff though. 

John Boyle

Nick Boyle

I have used a company call John Davis Concrete to install a concrete driveway and side walks. Dont know if they do stamped concrete or not. He stuck to his word, got the job done quickly, and it looked great. John Davis

Originally posted by @Josh Slonim :

  stamped concrete patio  

Josh, on the day that the concrete is poured/stamped, make sure that you are there to watch the work. My entire driveway, rear patio and front sidewalks are stamped and the concrete company got a little lazy in the middle of the driveway at the entry to the garage. 95% of the job looked great, but that other 5%....

When they pull the mold up, the concrete should have a highly detailed imprint, not smooth and flat.

Once its done, its done. And you don't want it to look like this..


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