Downtown Columbus Rents And Neighborhoods

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Hi Harith, I'm not currently in downtown but if you see a property you are interested in, you can get a rent estimate by going to  All you need is the address and number of bedrooms.  Your agent should also be able to get recent rental comps for the size/area.

Originally posted by @Harith Naga :

Wondering what thoughts are in investing in downtown Columbus? 

What are rents for a 1 bedroom in the area (older building)?

Hi Harith!  Downtown Columbus is a great place to invest.  As I have mentioned on these forums in the past, we are seeing a huge amount of development and revitalization in the downtown area.  In terms of rents on 1 bedrooms, it really depends on the building, upgrades, and right now can differ substantially from block to block.  There are areas that are growing at a faster rate than others in downtown but the area around Children's Hospital is the hottest at the moment.  Good luck with everything! 

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