Looking to meetup with investors in Cleveland Jan 20-23

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Hey Cleveland BP'rs, I'm visiting Cleveland this weekend (Jan 20-23) to check out various neighborhoods and would also enjoy meeting up with some local investors.  I have not found any info on local meetups happening so I'm thinking of setting up an informal meetup one of the evenings to network.  Would anyone be interested?  

I'm tagging some of the names I've noticed on other Cleveland posts: @Nicole Heasley, @Tom Ott, @Federico Gutierrez, @Steven Aviram, @Andrea Hauserman, @Bob Collett, @Nick Ferguson, @Ann Shanley, @James Wise

Even if only 1 or 2 people want to meetup, I'm up for it.   My availability is one of the evenings (or days) Sun, Mon or Tues (Jan 21, 22 or 23).

Updated 6 months ago

We setup a meetup on Monday @ 6pm, the event page is here: https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/521-events-and-happenings/topics/529429-cleveland-meetup-im-visiting-cleveland-and-want-to-network

I won´t be available that day but I´ll let my business partner, Tony Parra, know about it. We work with investors in California, Canada, Perú and Israel


@Al Perez, thanks!

I just moved here a year ago to invest and did 1 flip and bought a rental multi.  Make sure to bring a jacket and good shoes!  

Thanks @Andrew A. , will do!  I'm hoping to have the details of meeting soon so I will post here.  A local BP'er offered to help coordinate, so it's a big help.

Hi All.  In talking with Sergey, let's shoot for Monday at 6PM at the Panera at 6700 Rockside Rd in Independence, OH.  Please reply to this with an RSVP or PM Sergey or myself that you can make it.  Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Thanks @Eric V. !  I created an event under Events and Happenings here.  Only I set time to 6pm PACIFIC and can't change it to EST.  Emailed BP support but if anyone knows how to edit the details of an event, help would be appreciated :)

Updated 6 months ago

BP support is great, they updated the time to show 6-8pm EST

I can make it!

Thank you for bringing some warmer weather!!

Yeah, a week or two ago I was getting worried that the weather might hinder some of my plans but it seems it will be much more welcoming while I'm there :)

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