Looking for Cleveland regional bank with good on online presence

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Happy Saturday!

I am looking for a good local or regional bank in Cleveland that is investor friendly with a good online presence to remotely access the account. Closing on my first BRRRR rental house and need to get a loan shortly. Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Hello Andrew, I work with Huntington Bank. Great service, lots of offices in Cleveland, friendly website and they lend money to investors. I´ve been working with them since 2014. 


I hate to be a negative nancy but I have to not recommend Lakeshore credit union in Westlake.

I did a refinance through them a couple years back on one of my buildings to drop PMI.

  • The agent that handled the paperwork seemed lazy and distracted.
  • They wanted me to create an online account by putting my username and password on a postcard and sending it back to them.
  • Also, the agent told me that he didn't want to use my 401k for my reserves because it was "to difficult". It was clearly an effort to delay the process.

All of that said, I have done a few loans through Primary Residential in Avon . Reach out to Chad Bernard over there. They're pretty squared away. 

(I don't work for and don't get anything for plugging Primary Residential) 

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