Can't get answer if house is clear of lein after tax sale

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I am in Butler County, Ohio. I know that with a foreclosure sale, there is obviously still a lein. However, and after exhaustive phone calls to the county SO, Clerk of Courts & auditors' offices, no one knows or will give that answer because it is "legal" advice. I was then directed to a website that doesn't work or wont return any results even when i input the data correctly. To me this is a very simple question...  yes or no... but not to them apparently. 

Can anyone shed light on whether bank liens are still attached after a tax sale in butler county ohio?

It depends on the lien. You're going to need to research lien priority... or, as others have mentioned, ask a local expert about it. I'd rather learn this myself than depend on getting answers. Then you're going to need to do a title search and figure out exactly what the liens on title are.

For example, let's say Butler County RE taxes have priority over everything other than city taxes, HOA assessments and child support. If any of those types of liens are on title you need to figure out their value because you will be taking title subject to those liens and will need to pay them.

Updated almost 2 years ago

Sorry, just saw your question. RE taxes are first liens. Bank liens are extinguished via tax sale if the lienholder is given proper notice pursuant to local law.

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