LLC can't have a PO BOX registered in Oklahoma

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I am in the steps to create my LLC for my rent/lease business but don't want to use my Physical Address. I do have a PO BOX. But the OK Secretary of State doesn't accept PO BOX as a Physical address. What are my options? Any help will be greatly appreciated

Some Post Offices offer "Street Addressing". Ask the manager or staff at your local USPS if they issue Street Addressing. You still physically just have a box at the post office, but your address would not be formatted as a PO Box. It would be formatted as a regular address such as this example:

Your Name
112 Main St., #203
Yukon OK 12345

Otherwise, try UPS but they are much more pricey than a USPS box.

@Nicole A. I see... I was looking into Post Office but I cant registed my business with the secretaty of state using the  USPS address.  At least it's what says on the application. I do see a option w/ UPS but you are right it 's pricey!!! T

@Eve Oliver Check out the UPS Store in Yukon. 

Address: 12444 NW 10th St Bldg G Ste 202 in Yukon

Why just rent a mailbox? Your private mailbox from The UPS Store Yukon comes with a real street address, which provides a more professional and established image for your small business or personal brand.

Sally's Cupcakes
12444 NW 10th St Bldg G Ste 202
Yukon, OK

This might help?

Hey @Eve Oliver

Kurt and Nicole are spot on. You can use the UPS store near you as a "physical address" as long as you have a box there. I pay for the the cheapest box that they have to be able to use it for a physical address for my LLC.

@Eve Oliver They likely said you can't use USPS because USPS typically issues a PO Box formatted address. They say the same thing where I am. I still have a USPS box anyway because like I mentioned in my last post, many local USPS will now offer "Street Addressing".

It's the same thing as having a UPS box because the address when written down is formatted the same. There is *no* mention of PO Box. If your USPS offers this, it will save you a lot of money over using UPS for the same exact thing.

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