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Hi @Jessica Vollendorf  

I'm a long-time loan officer and real estate investor myself in Portland. I've searched for years for a financial advisor who "gets" real estate. They're hard to find. For the most part, the advice from the financial planners I've encountered, when it comes to real estate  is a version of "too risky" and "you need to diversify". Risk is in the eye of the beholder (what investment isn't with out risk?). I probably do need to diversify my investments a bit (but I've muddled through so far and done pretty well). And well, I like my real estate.

Not 100% sure I've found The Planner, but I have two leads I can share if you want to DM me. One is in Lake Oswego (recently met them, getting to know them still, but impressed so far). Another is out of state, but a dear friend who's soon-to-be retiring on the cash flow found them and she and her husband have been really happy.

These folks are financial planners -- bigger picture, holistic financial planning.

if you want to focus on managing your real estate portfolio (strictly), your best bet would probably be a team approach: an investment-focused real estate broker, a lender who understands investing and (especially in light of Portland's current landlord tenant laws) a property manager. 

All three can offer different perspectives on your portfolio, managing the debt/leverage to strategic benefit and the opportunities and risks and give you input to filter and use to make decisions. 

I've got good resources for these that I'm happy to share.

HI Jessica- I concur with everything Julee stated! As a fellow investor and now agent its been a rough go in terms of finding someone that didn't try to steer us in other directions... I also have some folks I've been working with in the area for the past few years.  They are both investors which I think is such an invaluable perspective. DM if you'd like contact info!  

Hi @Jessica Vollendorf , I have been looking for one for years but I've realized it doesn't work that way.  They are paid off a percentage of invested assets so it does not behoove them to recommend investing in real estate.  In my opinion, you should think about your investing goals and work backward from there.  As an investor and agent in Portland, I would be happy to do a Zoom call with you if you want to bounce some ideas around.