Investors Coming to Portland!

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Hello all!

I wanted to put a post out there in order to see if there are any Portland Real Estate investors, professionals, wholesalers, contractors, etc That would like to meet and possibly work with us in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area.

I have been flipping houses the better part of a decade and currently invest heavily in the Seattle area.  I have purchased and flipped homes in Portland before, and we are current looking to start buying down there again in the next 30 days.

Please reach out to me if you would like to network/team up/sell me properties/wholesale/work, etc.  Thank you!


I would love to connect feel free to PM.

Elliot Smith

I'm a young noob. I just got a duplex under contract in Portland and I'm looking to invest in the future. I want to quit my job really soon and start working in the field as an agent. I'm currently in pre-licensing school. I'm probably not your best contact as I don't have any leads, but I may be of use in the future when I get my license. Keep me in mind...

Thanks for all the posts so far guys! Ill reach out to all of you by PM at some point tomorrow.

@Tarl Yarber are you and your team still working down here in Portland? Just moved to Portland and I'm looking to connect with other flippers/investors.

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