Are you shying away from rentals within Portland proper?

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I have purchased 1 property - our family's home.  I believe we may move in the next year or two and am curious if renting a single family  home within Portland city limits is a bad idea due to their tenant-centric laws.  

Are people who rent home typically "better" renters?  Take care of the home more? Less? 

Any advice is appreciated!

@David Wilk you're in a very nuanced position. There is a lot more to consider than just rental laws. Capital gains exemptions, state rent control and vacancy control and others. I'm helping an owner go through this exact planning/scenario right now. I own both a full service brokerage and property management company and invest myself so I'm happy to help you think this through various strategies. Reach out when you get a chance if you're still looking for some feedback.  

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