Hoping a Pennsylvania real estate agent from the Betks County/Reading PA area can do me a favor/courtesy

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Hey everyone.  I'm working on an off-market deal.  My agent has been swamped with numerous things and getting a hold of him has been a challenge.

So, the property I am looking at is in the Millmont area. My analysis that I am using and I am giving my HML is a best guess. However, I can only use Zillow, etc for recently sold. What makes it difficult on this property is that the seller challenged her assessment, and got it reduced to about half of the values in the neighborhood. Since assessed value is a big variable in the "Zestimate", it is showing a much lower estimate than comparable properties.

There have been a decent amount of distressed sales in the neighborhood, so I am not completely confident in my ARV with a completely rehabbed property.

So, would anyone with MLS access be willing to look at my target property and give just a quick estimate on resale value/ARV? It would be much appreciated.

PM me for details.

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