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Hello everyone.  I am a newbie investor out of Pittsburgh, and  I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a good home inspector for an investment property in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Thank you.

Yasseen B. Malcolm Whipkey at 1st Home Inspections.  Certified by NAHI (National Associated of Home Inspectors) and I have used him on numerous inspections.  Fantastic inspector that catches most things and is especially good if you are the buyer as his report are extremely thorough and will help you negotiate for a much better deal as a result of what he finds.  PM me if you can't find his contact info.  And feel free to let him know i sent you.  Very nice guy too.

I ended up going with a different certified inspector who has extensive experience and references from previous clients. The inspectors that were recommended were not available to do the inspection on time. It turned out that the house has foundation problems, among other costly issues that I could not decipher by myself walking through the property, so I'd say to never skip an inspection. I am backing out of the deal as a result as it was going to turn into a money pit.

Hi Yasseen, Absolute Safeguard Home Inspections. Ask for Dino. As a Realtor I have used his company several times and find him to be thorough, timely and competitively priced. 

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