Turnkey properties in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

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I am originally from Central, Pa., however, I live overseas and am a new investor. I was trying to better understand any other investors turnkey experiences in Dauphin County, Pa.  My due diligence has turned up very little.   Please private message me if discretion is needed.  Thanks in advance for anyone's insights. 

If you're looking for turnkey in Central PA, I'd recommend going with a townhouse.  There are other, older properties that might be in decent shape, but will be harder to find.  There are lots of new construction townhomes and <10 year old townhomes in the area.  Charter is one of the primary builders.  I live in Deer Run in Hummelstown, and there's lots of used and new homes for sale in the neighborhood with low expenses that will cash flow positive.

Also, there is lots of new construction in Mount Joy and Mechanicsburg, to name a few more areas to look.

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