Any Allentown Pennsylvania Investors?

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My parents live in Emmaus and have a rental in Allentown they would like to sell. It's on Liberty Street. I live in Colorado and do my investing here, I'm not looking to own property there. They haven't had success with realtors. Maybe it's the area, I don't know as I am not familiar with this area. Do either of you know anything about this area? I'm trying to help them out from a long distance.



@Michael Glunk ...@Mark Gallagher is correct. Many parts of Liberty street are not the greatest so those areas are more difficult to sell especially if it's outdated. Maybe priced too high? Inbox Mark more about this. He's a good realtor in the area - if you give him more details (current listing price, Beds/Baths, condition of the home, exact address, vacant or occupied, units or single family) he could help a bit further. Good luck!

Thanks Bill. Yeah, the current agent(s) they've used have never even posted photos beyond a front shot of the home. That was Mark's first response and something I've already mentioned to my parents. I just getting into the details to try to help them out.



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