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hey, my name is Scott and I'm still new to real estate. I plan on attending the next REI meeting in September at LBC. Can anybody tell me what building of campus the meeting is at? When does it start? How long does it last? Is there a perfered "dress code"? What can I expect? Is it a structured meeting, or small groups, or a free-for-all type of thing? Just trying to prepare myself so I know what to expect. Thanks in advanced.

I'm also wondering if the Lancaster meetings are worthwhile.  Are there any regular attendees who would like to share their thoughts?  May I put in a vote to move it from Lancaster Bible College to Lancaster Brewing Company? ;)

I was at the last mtg, and found it to be ok. Biggest criticism would be the presentation was a a bit long, though the info was good. A decent opportunity to connect before and after the presentation. I intend to go to the next one and see how it compares. It was pretty well attended, so from that perspective it isn't a waste. 

Dress code-- there isn't any. 

The location is pretty easy to find. Follow the signs for the cafe. We met in the conference room behind the cafe. 

Hope to see you there.

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