What questions would you want a PA Lawyer to answer?

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Hello everyone: 

I've been asked to consider contributing to a new startup blog. The posts would focus on real-estate law in PA.  

I'm not sure if I would accept this particular offer, but I am curious what folks at BP would like to see from such a blog. The blog obviously can't answer questions about a specific case. It also probably doesn't make to focus on any municipality specific questions. But I'm sure there are some broader issues people would like to read about.

Any thoughts?

General legal advice, without getting in to specifics or without dealing with local laws would be attracting a lot of Newbees. There are other sites that have the general legal advise, with the disclaimers that it is "not real legal advise" and "check your local laws". I would think that over time you would be doling out the same generalized advice that everyone learns the first five years they do this stuff. 

I think you will get alot of questions about IF a lease is necessary, when, how and why can I evict this tenant, and how can I sue my realestate agent. People who look for legal advice on the internet are a distinct group, they are a cross section of not having a lot of experience with real-estate and do not want to pay for a lawyer.

I have relationships with 14 PA real estate lawyers, and one tax lawyer in PA. I direct a lot of questions from my group to them. The majority of those questions could be set up on an FAQ page.  New investors always ask about entity structure.  The smart ones ask about the nuances need to legally wholesale in PA.  They ask contract law questions.  They ask about trusts in PA, and they ask about options in PA, that will be at least half of your content. 

I would be great to have a resource to bounce legal issues related to leases, buy-sells, financing and the myriad of questions we face as investors.  

And you would probably get some new business out of it.

Good luck.

@Chris K. Hi Chris, I see that you're located in WB. I'm familiar with the area as I lived a hour south in Monroe county. I have been looking at SFH online, but am having trouble in finding property tax data online. I've checked the Luzerne county website and unable to find it. Know of anywhere to look??

@Jon B.

I forget what the story behind this was, but Luzerne County maintains its assessment database through the two local newspaper companies (Times Leader and Citizen's Voice)



For various reasons, they are not the easiest websites to use. If you run into trouble, send me a PM and I'll try to see if I can help you. 

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