Wholesaler in Central Pennsylvania

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@Joshua Thompson

We do some wholesaling but do more retailing, rehab, buy and hold. I'd recommend that you atttend local REI meetings to get personal contact with all types of investors. I had in the last year attended REIA meetings in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York, and have spoken at each. Checkout meetup.com for meetings

@Joshua Thompson
I agree with @David Krulac

Wish I could give you a straight answer but I haven’t bought a local property from a wholesaler yet. I know of a few that I get automatic emails from but can’t really vouch for them since I haven’t done a deal with them yet.

Get active in the forums, AND go to some local REIA’s, AND buy your first property (I see you might do a house hack which a great way to start). Once you get your feet wet and people see you are for real, you can leverage your relationships to find the right wholesalers and deals (and contractors and lenders and insurance brokers etc etc etc)

We aren't a wholesaler --- but we do have a buyers network for folks that use us SlateHouse as a property management company.  Essentially we dont take a wholesale fee on it -- but connect off-market deals to buyers.  Not sure what you had in mind -- but shoot me a note if we can help at all.  

Hey @Joshua Thompson I’m in Centre County, what areas are you looking? I mostly do flips but we’re gearing up to get our wholesaling marketing going so I can reach out if anything comes up. Feel free to send me a message. 👍🏼

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