New Investor in Reading,PA Looking for investor friendly realtor

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Hi guys, I am new to real estate, and have one single family home in Philadelphia that I rent out.  I recently moved to Reading, PA (about an hour north of Philadelphia) and would like to start pursuing real estate more aggressively.  I am primarily interested in duplex and triplex situations, as close to turnkey as possible.  I've met with a realtor but don't feel that we are on the same page.  He is a little younger and new to the area, and the industry as well.  As much as I would like to give him a shot, I just feel like he has not been super responsive and has not been able to answer a lot of questions I have.  Does anyone have, or know someone, in the Reading, PA market that may be able to help me?  Outside of this, I am also interested in hearing anything you guys have to say about duplex and triplex investing, turnkey rentals, property management tips (I plan to self manage), etc.  Thanks in advance guys!