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I own a rental property in New Castle, PA.   I am due to renew my rental registration and the city code enforcement requires a "Responsible Agent" to be identified that resides within Lawrence County, PA.  I am no longer working with my initial property manager, who I had previously designated for this position, so I need to find a replacement. 

I have reached out to a few local property management agencies in that area and either received no response, or they wanted to be the full time monthly property manager.  My tenants are long term, good tenants, and I have auto-electronic rent payment in place.  The tenants cover the daily maintenance so at this point I am just self-managing.    I just want to find someone in the local New Castle/Lawrence County, PA area that I can designate as my Responsible Agent for this one property.  The responsible agent is just a local point of contact for the city/code enforcement in case the city needs to complete an inspection or have a violation remedied.   It seems the going rate for the responsible agent service is $100-$150 per year, but I'm having trouble finding someone available in that particular area.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a person or company you are using for this service, in this area??

Thank you. 

Philadelphia has a similar requirement - I have a neighbor there who is happy to get $100 a year for doing so little :)

So try a neighbor of the property if no BP member wants that easy money.

Thanks Steve. Good Idea.

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