New (er) to Real Estate Investing-- New To Bigger Pockets

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Hi All, 

I started reading whatever real estate books I could get my hands on a few years ago and then bought a few SFH for buy and hold purposes. I've been a Bigger Pockets voyeur up until now. My experiences thus far have been great and now I'd like to begin networking for further growth and development. I'm hoping to build a network of friends who share similar interests, who I can learn from and/or who I can can collaborate with for future endeavors.

My interest is in long term buy and hold rentals. Currently, my experience is in SFH but I do want to move to multi-family and apartment complexes. Currently I live in the greater Philadelphia area and have a comfort level with buying properties within a reasonable distance from where I live.

Please reach out to me if you'd like to connect.  It'd be my pleasure to help you with a project where I can learn some tricks and, of course, I'm interested in connecting with people who can add to my knowledge base and/or who can help me to achieve new heights.  


Hello Ted!

Welcome to BP! This is definitely the site to be active in, and has helped me personally network with other investors. You get what you put in, so be sure reach out to others and don't be afraid to send a PM with a coffee or lunch invite. 

Happy investing! 

Thanks Naftali, great advice!  It's good to hear that networking through Bigger Pockets has helped other people with similar interests align.  


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