Pennsylvania Broker of Record

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Is anyone currently a broker of record for one or more agency in Pennsylvania?  I am curious your compensation and I am guessing it's based on gross income of transaction, leasing, management fees. 

I am a licensed agent, would like to start my own real estate property management company.   I have 3 brokers classes left, plus the test and application. 

If I wanted to "rent a broker" who would serve as my broker of record until I finish brokers classes, what percentage of my gross revenue should I give to my broker to serve as a temporary broker of record? 

@Na Nicholas i have some experience and what I have seen is as low as $500 a month or perhaps you can give them a percentage of the business so at first its not an expense for the company just starting out. What part of PA are you located 

I did a lot of research on this before starting my own company. It is pretty standard from what I'm seeing that the "rent a broker" cost was anywhere from $500-$1500. If you are just starting out they may want a flat fee but usually the cost is a percentage of the business. good luck!!

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