Need Help with Mason/Concrete Work in RI

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Hello again!

Need some help finding a concrete/mason/construction company that can help with the following work.

Concrete walkway and steps are severely cracked and separated from the house. Concrete steps to back door are cracking and the rebar is mostly what is keeping the majority of it together. I slapped some concrete on it to stop the exposure on the top from getting worse.

Need someone to come in and repair (if possible) or remove and rebuild. I'm in Pawtucket, RI so anyone in RI or MA that serves this area. I've reached out to a few companies so far and the 2 that I got a hold of were both no call, no shows. Need to get some estimates both for learning and in order to get the funds together.

Any help is appreciated!


I would appreciate any recommendations you can offer! Right now seems like the key is like everything else, keep trying until you get a bite. I also am shooting to schedule around end of summer so I can get the money together.