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Hi, does anyone have any recommendations in Charleston, SC for 'investor friendly' closing attorneys.  

Thank you! 

Hey @Chris Avera look into Weeks & Irvine. I work with a hand of investors in the area and I almost always use Weeks.

Chase Payne has done all my investor closings, he's pretty quick and timely.

@Chris Avera I've used and like Weeks too but exactly what do you mean by "investor friendly"?

PS: I'll hopefully be calling you soon to set up a photo session in Ion.

Thanks guys for the quick responses!

John, someone that has a good reputation with investors and isn't afraid to be creative.

Weeks is great, but sometimes we feel "lost in the shuffle" since they are such a big firm.  Also Consider Buxton & Collie, Butler & College, and Manaker and Cippola.  We have had success with these firms and others.  

I've used Bostic Law Firm for all my closings and contract work.  They are a small firm that is efficient, knowledgeable, and very responsive.

I have used Weeks & Irvine in Charleston. After calling over a dozen offices they were the cheapest and provided an easy closing. I've had to call about a legal question on a rental and they returned my call same day and were very friendly and helpful.

I've also used Geoff Smith of Smith Cox and associates downtown.  They might be more expensive and I think used to dealing with big commercial deals.   Geoff is a former construction client of mine.

Mark Weeks is where I go most often.

I appreciate all the insight guys.

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