Off market leads in South Carolina

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How does one simply generate off market leads? I assume it would be through networking with a real estate agent who has pocket listings. Or maybe other investors, but I’m new and I haven’t networked with too many people. I’m on a mission to find my first deal, to fix and flip, whole sale or buy and hold. Please tell me you opinions, anything will help, thank you in advance to those that reply.

@Remberto Teos . I'm an agent and we do get pocket listings from time to time, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a deal. If we do ever get a pocket listing that is a good deal, it doesn't usually make it far enough to need advertising because a lot of us work with investors every day. More often than not, an agent's pocket listing will be more for a retail property as opposed to an investment property. Wholesalers are the ones who find off market deals in most cases. Their job to market to motivated sellers and then sell that deal to another investor. It's rare that they pursue a deal that's listed with an agent. You need to find more wholesalers and stay in the know about what deals they're actively selling.

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