Anyone bought a house from USAA

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I found a for-sale-by-owner listed house on Zillow, but was contacted by USAA when my request for information was sent to the owner. I guess the owner is USAA. Has anyone bought a house through them. Are there any steps I should be aware of?

Sorry.  I have no idea.  But maybe when I bump this thread up someone else will answer.  Good luck!

Thanks. Apparently USAA lists homes on Zillow as For Sale By Owner. When you send your name, phone, email address to the "owner", the next day you get a call or in my case 5 calls from USAA Realty. They then try to put you in contact with their realtor network. So USAA is the middle man, but if you use them you can get a credit on your purchase. I asked them to take me off their list as I have a realtor, but really wanted to try and buy directly through the owner. Not sure why USAA and Zillow do and allow this kind of bait and switch. 

Yeah, that's odd and disappointing.  I really like USAA, but don't care for that.

I had that happen also. Contacted a FSBO on Zillow and a realtor called me. They didn't even know which property I was inquiring about and turned out the house was an old listing that was not even available.

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