Investor in Upstate, SC

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Hey guys, long time lurker, now trying to get more active in BP.

Born and raised in the Upstate and have a few rentals scattered throughout Greenville, Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Richland counties. Trying to expand my investments- interested mostly in single/multi family homes for rentals and possibly flips. Would also love to venture into apartment complexes with the right deal.

Most of my purchases thus far have been through foreclosure auctions. Looking to expand and find more opportunities. Have not yet worked with a broker/wholesaler but thats what I'm here for!  Looking to find more deals. I have access to capital and am looking for quick cash closings on good deals.

Let me know if you can help!

Hi @Ray K. ! collect probate leads for certain counties in South Carolina. These are leads I pull myself in person at the courthouse for each county. Unlike leads you can order online from a generic website, I can guarantee that the leads I pull are fresh (60 days or less), off market, and I use a ranking system to determine which sellers are most motivated based off of factors such as the executor of the property living in a different state and the amount of siblings the house has been inherited by. These are facts found in the records that are not included in other probate ordering systems.