Spartanburg South Carolina - Where are Investors Buying

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Hello everyone, I currently invest in Greenville, SC but am looking to expand into Spartanburg. What are the best areas/zip codes to invest right now? I would like to stay in either nicer areas close to the city or good school systems if possible. If you're an agent in Spartanburg, would you mind if I gave you a call sometime? We like to buy/hold and flip. Thanks! 

I'm a Spartanburg native and have been involved in 100s of deals here since the early 90s. The best areas are districts 2, 6 and 7. More specifically, areas that are the most desirable are Boiling Springs, Roebuck and the entire east side of Spartanburg. If you have any questions about potential investments or areas, feel free to message me any time. I will give you an honest and experienced opinion. Although I'm not currently a licensed agent, I was first licensed in 93 after taking the RE course at Spartanburg technical college. I would love to hear what your investment strategies are and specifically the types of properties you are interested in. I am sure I will run across properties that will interest you.

Closed on a home in the Hillcrest area (East side) of Spartanburg two weeks ago that I'll be living in for a while. I agree with what Toby says. I only looked in Districts 2 and 7. The agent I used has been active in Spartanburg for 20 years and got my friend from Hawaii under contract this week for a rental. There's a group focusing on the Northside of Spartanburg as well. I'll be happy to walk the streets for you if needed. Have done so in Atlanta and Anderson for investors. 

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