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Originally posted by "dle22":
anyone out there from Nashville TN and would like to do some networking?

I am in Nashville. Stumbled across this site. Looked like a fun place so I registered. I work for A&E Real Estate. We produce the foreclosure show on comcast cable channel 49 & 74. Seen it?

What kind of networking are you looking for? Buying? Selling? Investing? Lending? You have no profile.


I'm heavy into the Nashville market. Been doing deals here for the past three years. Not an agent but I flip,wholesale,buy/hold property manage.

Always looking for ways to expand...

Nice to meet you Daniel!  I am in Nashville, TN and new to investing here in Middle Tenn.  I am looking to network with as many people has possible: fellow investors to partner with, lenders (private, hard money), and contractors!  

What kind of deals are you looking for?