house move to empty lot

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So, while i took a huge project as a newbi i am struggling a bit but hey, its getting done... now for the mean time  i am thinking of 2nd project. I met someone that moves houses to empty lots. As long as plumbing and electrical is set up. Have any of you done that?. Moving a house over 1400 sq ft?  

I've looked into it a bit. Have not done it but will prob. do a double wide. I'd prefer a house but I think the DW would be easier and quicker. I've considered former school rooms converted to home but finding one in the area is the issue. 

1. Check with your county for permits, zoning, size of house. Depending on the area there will be restrictions. Some places don't allow DWs. Some may only allow certain size houses. If septic in there than you have to consider if it's the right size per number of bedrooms. 

2. Foundation and pad. You'll prob. have to have an engineer design it or at least sign off on it. 

3. Most places require electric to be underground now. 

Again, my knowledge is limited. I live in Sumner Co, TN.