Looking to TN from Boone, NC

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Howdy folks!

I live over in Boone. Basically a "border town".  Well, border county.  

I have been looking and working east and south of Boone but hadn't really expanded over into TN yet.  I am not very experienced yet. Just finishing my first sale in the next 4 weeks. 

Have any of you had much luck in Eastern TN?  Johnson City eastward?   Just curious how the market is in those areas... do you have much luck with wholesalers? Investor friendly lenders? Agents experienced working with investors?  I don't have any contacts in the area so I am trying to see what to do to change that!

Originally posted by @Vernon Miller :

Yes to all questions 

Alrighty. Cool. 

Any more detail for me? Certain areas really great for flips? Others for rentals? Any contact with agents with investor experience? Wholesalers?

I can answer all questions but they won’t let me on this forum. 

Some say it’s helping , some say it’s promoting your business which is prohibited..

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