Hello Bigger Pockets world. This is Trent Denson a new broker out of the Murfreesboro, TN office. I have been working in the multifamily industry on the outdoor project management side for the past three years and have recently decided to get involved with multifamily investing and brokering. I would like to set up a monthly meet up for  Middle TN brokers, investors, realtors, real estate companies, title/insurance people, really anyone who is interested in looking into collaborative efforts to do some multifamily/commercial investment type deals in this ridiculously thriving market. Being involved with the company allows us to have multiple meet up locations or a centrally located "happy hour" type set up is something we are open to as well. I have several seasoned brokers that will be assisting in this transition, and the support of the company is top notch. Also, the countless relationships I have with people in all 4 major markets (Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, and Chattanooga) "Apartment Associations" could come in handy for any attendees of these meetups. Just looking to start the conversation. Any suggestions or ideas are welcomed! Thanks.