Homestyle reno mortgage in TN?

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Hello BP! Can anyone recommend experts familiar with the Fannie Mae Homestyle reno mortgage in Nashville TN? Or if you could share your experience using it on properties in Nashville, that would be most appreciated! Thank you!

Originally posted by @Matt Castle :

He's not in Nashville, but I think Gregg still does these. Apologies if he doesn't. 

Gregg Pechmann
Branch Manager
NMLS# 585429
You'll have to Google his phone# or DM me. 

Thanks BP big brother!

Originally posted by @Blake Hulett :

Also, I believe Mike Smalling with F&M Bank can do these as well! He works out of Brentwood which is just 20 minutes out of Nashville! Shoot me a dm or google him!

Thanks Blake! Mike Smalling was really prompt about responding... unfortunately he does not do FNMA Homestyle (or FHA). :)


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