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Dan Marl
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I am new to land lording in Texas (Dallas)

Posted Dec 2 2021, 21:42

Hello everyone!

I will be a new landlord of an SFH in the Dallas area for the first time so I am not familiar with how things are usually "done" in TX or Dallas.

Here are some of my questions.

1. It's a brand new home. So should the rent be higher than comparable but older homes? 

2. Does the landlord usually provide the washer/dryer and fridge? Pros and cons?

3. Should the tenant get renter's insurance?

4. Who usually pays for lawn care?

5. Who usually pays for trash service?

6. Should I install a WIFI thermostat and a Ring Doorbell to entice tenants? What are the pros and cons?

Thank you in advance!

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