Fort Worth Texas - BP Second Saturday Brunch Location - Vote Now!

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For those who don't know, there is a group of us that meet every second Saturday of the month in Fort Worth to network and catch-up.   It is a very informal gathering with no sales pitches or themes.   It is just a time to get together.   I facilitate these meetings and arrange for the logistics.  

Our usual location, Dixie House Cafe on Blue Mound Road, let us down last month by not having our reservation in place.  With this in mind, we are looking for a new location.  As I told everyone at this meeting, I was going to research some possible new locations.   I have found three.  We need to come to a consensus on meeting location.   Please let me know your preference.   For each of these locations, we need to move our meeting start time from 10 am to 11 am.   


6333 Camp Bowie BoulevardVillage at Camp Bowie

Fort Worth, TX 76116-5448

Phone: (817) 377-9772

No private room, but he said they are pretty quiet on Saturday mornings.   He would be happy to set some tables aside for us.  No minimum purchase 

Spring Creek Barbeque

6701 Lake Worth Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76135

(817) 238-9210

They do have a private room together and require at least a $10 minimum purchase from attendees.   


3801 NE Loop 820

Fort Worth, TX 76137

(817) 232-5400

No private room, but would be willing to set up several tables for us.  No minimum purchase. 

Of course, you can also just vote to stay at Dixie House.   I like the sound of Spring Creek BBQ with its private room.   I will leave the voting up until this weekend because I need to call back to make the reservation.    Thanks.  

Hard to beat spring creek.  The minimum purchase might stop those who aren't hungry and just want coffee though.  It's still my pick anyways.

Baker Street/Camp Bowie is most convenient for me. It'll take my vote. 

Baker street sounds good as well! 

Baker Street.  I look forward to meeting everyone!

Hey guys! I just stumbled across this post. I'm interested in the Fort Worth BP meet up.
Did you guys come to an agreement on a location? If so when and where will it be?


-Mike Starks

Hey all, 

New to BP,  I'm interested as well.   I'm good anywhere to eat and meet everyone. 


Hi.  I was the one coordinating the location of this meeting.  I thought we had selected a new location, but I think we need to rethink it again.   I am open to suggestions.  Does anyone know of any places central to Fort Worth that would welcome 10 to 20 people showing up.   I think private rooms are the best for conversation, but I think we could also just have a corner of a place as well.   I plan to work on getting the next meeting location solidified in early May.  I would appreciate any help on scouting out a location.   Thanks. 


There a few good resturaunts with private rooms or good bar areas that would be good.  I do a lot of dinners with clients and have to get private rooms.  A great area is the 7th St. / University area.  Central FW area and a lot of options:

AF&B, Bite, Pappaduex to name a few...Also a lot of great "hang out" resturaunts/cafes on Magnolia Ave in the Medical district area on 8th Ave.  Also Central FW. Let me know if I can help.

Steve Scanlon


I would love the help.  I'll private message you tomorrow.   Thanks!!!

@Adam Wright Let me know if you still need help finding a place!  Would love to lend a hand and start getting involved.  If there is anything I can do feel free give me a shout.

Looking forward to the next meeting - May 9th right?


Hi guys, is this meetup still happening?  I'd love to come out and meet everyone.

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