Best Online Real Estate Salesperson/Broker Pre-License Course in Texas?

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Peace BP~

I just joined the forums and have a quick question for the people in Texas. What is the best online course for becoming a real estate agent in our state? I am switching careers so am starting from scratch and while I have researched programs online, I would love to hear from actual people. Thank you in advance for your time answering my question.



I dont know about best but I used and waiting to take the exam. A brokerage hear in Laredo gave me a discount code that saved me some cash. Mainly, its reading the books and study with the book questions for each chapter. I believe four of the courses had online questions that varied in amount and chapters. After passing the questions then you can take the exam. Typically 50-60 questions per course and the exams can be repeated if you fail. After the 2nd failed exam you will need to call them to reset the exam. You should be able to pass in the 1st or 2nd try. Had to retake principles of real estate since it combined both parts. Only downside is that you dont get to find out the answers on the one's you miss. 

In taking licensing courses in California and Texas, I have found most of the educational materials to be of low quality. The people taking the courses are a captive audience. They need to take the courses to satisfy state requirements that are often irrelevant and do not address much of what students really need to know about the real estate business. 

The vendor of a California course once paid me to submit detailed comments on errors in the book for a course I took. More recently, in Texas I took the Kaplan courses on Promulgated Contract Forms, Law of Agency and Contracts.

The textbook for the Promulgated Contract Forms course had some of the worst writing I've seen. The sample questions and answers have errors, and questions midway through the book sometimes relate to material presented later. Some questions are on topics not even mentioned in the book.

The book on Law of Agency was extremely repetitive and could have covered the subject in half its length. The sample test materials were full of errors.

For the Contracts course, the book had obviously been written for all states and was full of generalities. It had been customized for Texas in a haphazard way and did not adequately cover the broad topic of contracts. The sample test materials were poorly worded and had a substantial number of errors.

I can't recommend any other vendor of Texas courses, but that was my experience with these Kaplan courses in late 2013 and early 2014. 

@NA Ragsdale

What did you find out in your research?  I'm just like you and just starting the adventure.

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