Tenant broke the lease

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My tenant broke the lease without warning. She abandoned the property without paying the rent that was due for October and the lease was written to end November 17, 2017. I have been searching the texaslawhelp.org website, but from what I see it's geared towards the tenants rights. I'm in search of the statutes that will back me up while I pursue all payments that is due to me. I already went to the small claims court and picked up the paperwork to file a claim. I was told by a lawyer that I only have 30 days to file a claim from the time I find out that the tenant vacated the property and I was supposed to send a letter to the tenant. I'm new to this and I know I will learn a lot through experience, but if anyone out there can place me on the right path I would greatly appreciate it.


Glen E. Williamson Jr.

you are past the biggest hurdle you have possession of the property and you can rent it asap Interview a realtor about listing your property and go over all the tenant laws. After that decide if you want to rent by yourself you understand tenant laws.Paralegals are also another good source of information

@Glen E. Williamson Jr.

Ditto comments Steven mentioned, past biggest hurdle. 

Consider this a blessing in disguise, as the tenant left the property. Tenants that don't leave, can take several months, and when leave, you will find broken items, holes in walls, cement poured down the toilet, etc. All this adds up to lost rent, and money from your pockets to pay for repairs.

Now, if you want to pursue lost rent, you will need to file in small claims. You will need to know where tenant is to serve papers. You are out of luck if you don't know where moved to. The next best is to put collections against her name and social security. if you don't know her social, it is still okay, as collection agency can get that info. 

I would just contact collection agency and put on her credit report. Not really expecting to collect, but to not let her do it to others, and mess up her credit.