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I'm currently seeking out help. To help me understand step by step how to determine my Arv on a property i'm currently looking at for a possible great deal, as well as coming up with cost I can offer on the property.... I have all my comps, and other info needed to come up with the Mao formula. I'm a newbie wholesaler and looking forward to close on this first deal. 

Thank everybody for your time. 

@Donovan Lee Hey, what's your MAO formula. I thought you were just wholesaling the property, in which case I'm not sure why you'd have a loan or holding costs.

okay thank you for that... i'm working with an agent right now. She sent me a property with my CMA. I'm having problems still adjusting the value from my comps to my subject property. I just sent my agent my offer to give to seller to hear that my offer was a joke. I really need a better breakdown with adjusted value from comps to subject property.

I had featured that was the same while I done was Negative and positive adjusted value. Do I add all the adjusted value rather it's an negative or positive adjusted value?