Help on HOA with SFRs in Houston

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Hello everybody,

I'm currently searching for properties in Houston and Northern Dallas, and I saw some single-family homes have HOA fees with them. I'm not quite sure why there are HOA fees for SFR's. I hope somebody can explain the difference between HOA for SFR's and condos. Should I get into those properties? Thank you in advance for your reply.


I live in an HOA and they CAN be beneficial to protect property value as they require certain things like not leaving trash and junk in the yard, having the lawn maintained, etc. It does eat into your cash flow though. I would highly recommend that during your option period or contract negotiations that you ask to see a copy of the restrictions so that you can determine if this falls into your objectives and tolerance. It would not keep me from investing in the community just for the HOA.

Ahn, as mentioned here it is normal to have HOA's at least in the Dallas area. Having said that I live in a neighborhood where some older subdivisions do not have HOA while adjoining newer subdivisions do have HOA. Reach out to me if you need info.

Some HOA are also voluntary. For SFR, depending on the amenities, HOAs are designed to protect property values for owners as well.