Real Estate License online course, Texas

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Does anyone have a suggestion for an online course that I can take to obtain a Real Estate License in Texas? Looking to become an agent for our own investing business. Thank you in advance

I don't have any experience with them, but one of the names that keeps coming up is Champions.    I have looked a little into possibly taking the exam myself and I suspect that is where I will go for classes.

I went through for my courses. The course material was great, the instructors always quickly responded to my emails and phone calls, and the licensing exam prep was full of practice tests that helped me pass the exam first try. I think there are a lot of great online course providers, just read the reviews people post online and choose what works best for you! 

I ordered my set from Allied Real Estate Schools. I just received all my material a couple days ago. This is the company Christina El Moussa recommended and I saw good reviews and had a few other REA's recommend it when I asked around. I did the continued education package as well, so I believe I have 270 hours of material.