SFH vs Duplex for BRRRR

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Hi all, I'm considering BRRRR-ing properties in Texas. Possibly the Dallas/Fort Worth and/or San Antonio areas. I was originally targeting duplexes but maybe that's not a great approach. I feel like SFH might be better as there is obviously far more inventory.

Is it reasonable to consider BRRRR-ing properties in this market?
Is it better to focus on SFHs over duplexes?


@Brian Mishler you can certainly BRRRR single family homes here. That's the main strategy that most people work with...or at least the successful investors. Can you not do this strategy in Washington? Why look so far away?

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@Andrew Postell , sure its definitely possible to do in WA, its just far more expensive. In TX it's pretty easy to find a fixer under $75k. In WA, its possible, but only out in the sticks where no one is really moving to and no real growth. Even fixers in sketchy areas of king county are still going to go for $150k+

So, I guess I feel like I have more to work with in TX and costs that fit my budget. 

@Brian Mishler well, I would always recommend to invest in local areas that you are familiar with but to answer your question it is somewhat difficult to find duplexes in Texas. Since property is so inexpensive there's not a large demand for multi-family properties like in other markets that demand these types of properties. So if you are looking to BRRRR properties, then SFR will be more plentiful and easier to use that method with.