Need help doing short term rentals Pipe Creek TX. Near the lake🐟

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I have a 2000 plus square foot house that is in a breath taking spot on top of the Mountains near a nice Lake. It also has a guest house next to it. In my opinion it could be an idea short term rental and both houses could be short term rentals. Houses in that area are 300k plus so it is very upscale for that area. 

The challenge is that the property is about 1.6hours one way from were I live. It is west of San Antonio about 40 min. Hill country they call it. Whereas I have plenty going on I'm not wanting to be involved with personally overseeing a STR 1.6 hours away.

Not sure if I could find someone to oversee the property and generate as much as the property could produce for a modest fee?

One big company that manages STR all over the country wasn't interested due to it being outside of the major market which is San Antonio.

As a side note the area that the house is in goes by two different names. 

Pipe Creek, Texas

Lake Hills, Texas

You could check on AirBNB for other listings in that area and see if there is either an owner or management company that has more than one listing. If so you could reach out to them to ask if they would oversee your property too. You can also check with local real estate offices in that area as sometimes they will do property management if there are lots of STRs in the area. I have a similar situation on an STR in a different part in a Texas I am looking at. The RE company in town does do property management but the fee is 15% on top of any AirBNB fees.

Wonder if there is a small operator near that area that wants to manage this property?