Grapevine Wholesaler referrals?

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@Shane Elias-Calles while there are a lot of wholesalers in our area it might be hard to only get deals in Grapevine.  I would just encourage you to sign up on every wholesalers list you can and just weed out the non-Grapevine deals.  It is a little hard to recommend most wholesalers on Bigger Pockets since they don't allow emails and phone numbers to be put on the forums.  And many of the smaller guys (who will have better deals) don't have websites.  So if I said "John Smith with BLAH BLAH Wholesalers" - how would you even contact them?  So here's a quick list of wholesalers I would recommend that have websites:


Next ERA Homebuyers -

My Fast Home Buyers  –

Easy Sell DFW  –

Homewood Properties  –

Cosa Investments  –

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