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Finding land zoned for small multi-family development (UT County)

Posted Oct 14 2021, 14:08

Hello friends! I've never posted before but I'm a current BYU student and am trying to move into the long-term rental game here in Utah County. I currently have just one property (Provo duplex) but am actively looking to acquire #2.

I would love for it to be a new build. 2-4 units is obviously easiest, but anything up to 8 is probably doable. I want to do class A, nice stuff, 2/1 to 3/2. Anywhere from South Jordan to Provo, but especially interested in the Lehi area. I work as a project manager and superintendent for a homebuilder so I have the resources and experience to pull it off. It would be stretching, but in a fun way and I'd love a chance to make it happen.

All this to say, how the heck does a guy find land (zoned for multifamily) that could make sense in a smaller 4-plex like development?  

I've got an agent or two looking, have been talking with city planners, and working on this for a bit and am getting a sense that this is a tough thing to find. Cities want bigger complexes so newly zoned land goes to the big guys, and small stuff that's grandfathered in already has buildings on it. I'm prepared to knock down a small, old house on a big lot that happens to have the right zoning, I'd just need to find one that would work. 

Has anyone done this before? anyone successfully gotten land re-zoned? anyone know good land brokers with access to this kind of stuff? anyone in the business of wholesaling ideal knockdown houses? anyone know of cities that are good targets for small-multi new development? anyone want to partner?

I'm happy to chat or meetup and would love any general thoughts or advice as well.

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