Traverse mountain versus West Lehi

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Thanks to all your advice, I have narrowed down to 2 new construction similar sized townhomes in Lehi. One is in Traverse mountain and the other is in West Lehi. 40K difference on the Traverse mountain home. Which one would you pick for an investment property? 

Rental rates are better in Travers MT but the HOA is higher so it will cut into your cash flow. Renters don't seem to care to much between the two locations. The west side of I15 has bad traffic patters which make turn over higher. However if you're talking off 2100 which I assume you are that area is great. They are fixing both exits so hopefully that will help. Do you have a Realtor helping you with this?

I believe Edge has investor cap on their communities which you'll want to double check they have availability. 

@becca summers thank you so much. What are your thoughts on appreciation -between the two?

@Suha Lingam I have sold over 45 townhomes in Lehi in the last couple years to investors and I own 4 myself. There are a few things like number of bedrooms, amenities, and of course how much rent you can get now and how much rent you can get in the future that will help you make a good decision. DM me and I'd be happy to share with you how my own rentals have performed in Lehi. Also, I may know of one coming up for sale that's already built if you're interested

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