Lake Anna Vacation Rentals

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Hi guys,

Does anyone here have experience with Lake Anna rentals? I was thinking about buying a waterfront property down there but I'm not sure what the demand is like or if it's too risky. I used to rent houses down there at 400/night and they'd usually always be booked through summer.


hey Ozzie! Sorry no replies yet. I’m also interested in Lake Anna and found your post after searching. Maybe this will spark a conversation 

@Ozzie Feldman My wife and I were just talking about this except at Smith Mountain Lake. Very similar properties. We rented an Air BnB and there were several condos for sale in the same neighborhood. I'll be following this thread to see if anyone has any insight.

@Ozzie Feldman if you’re still interested in I am a Realtor in the Central Virginia area and would like to be of assistance in your search.

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