Wholesaling in Northern Virginia

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Hey everyone,

I’m just getting started in wholesaling and was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on Northern Virginia being over saturated. I’ve heard that the market is still great to get into, but I’ve also heard to look elsewhere because it’s too hot. I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts!


Change is constant, so there's always room for something new.

I'm pretty new to the REI part, but one thing I've learned about real estate is this: There are always deals (i.e. there's always business). Many years ago, I heard that statement for the first time. I was younger, naive and didn't have a clue what it truly meant.

Market conditions don't matter - for the most part. It only makes it easier or harder to find the deals or business. What matters? Doing the work regardless of the market. Get good at doing the work. It's a learning process.

Hi @Jacob Simpson , I wouldn't say that Northern, VA is oversaturated. Finding deals is always one of the toughest parts of real estate investing, regardless of the area that you're in. However, we have plenty of borrowers that are finding deals and coming to us for financing so there's still plenty of opportunity in and around the DMV area.