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Hi all, this is my first post on BiggerPockets!

I'm just starting out in wholesaling and, in order to start, I need to get a few people on my team. Does anyone have any referrals for excellent Title Agencies and/or Attorneys near Snohomish County, Washington?

I've been told by other investor's in the area to look into First American Title and Fidelity National Title. I am definitely going to look into these companies, but I was wondering if anyone in the area had anyone specific that they have worked with in the past who they would recommend.

Thank you all so much for any feedback!

FA in Everett has been awesome. I've used tons, but always go back to them for busn/personal.

Terrific! Thank you for answering! I am a little confused though about the process of using a Title Agency. Once I meet with them, would I gain access to any contracts they use, or do I have to draft my own and get it checked by an attorney?


What kind of contract are you needing?  My suggestion is to get contracts reviewed by an experienced real estate attorney for compliance with state laws.  Guru contracts are usually not written for WA state and my experience here is that attorneys here are not too keen on them as is.  Doug Owens (he's NOT in Sno Co, but in Seattle) is familiar with all of the types of contracts used in RE investor transactions. If you are a member of REAPS, you can get a discount on his normal rate. 

The more familiar with the contract the Title Company/Escrow Company is, the less mistakes they will make on the transaction. Obviously they are very familiar with the standard NWMLS purchase and sale agreement.  I've heard First American is good but personally haven't used them yet.  I've gotten lists from them and they were very easy to work with.


Hi BP, this is my first post as well!  Thanks @Paul Ritzman for starting this thread.

I am investing in King County and S. Snohomish County, and I'm looking for an investor friendly escrow company to help me with wholesaling.  I just talked to Bellevue Ticor Ttile/Escrow and they can't help me with back-to-back closing.  I will call a few more places but I guess most big name escrows wouldn't support "creative closing".  I will update here when I found a good one, but meanwhile if there is any referral would really appreciate it.  I am hoping to launch my direct marketing to seller next month and want to know which escrow to use instead of last-minute scrambling.

I just wished I found BP sooner and am dragging my partners to join.  Fun!


@Henry Y

Did you ever find any escrow/title company that could do a simultaneous close? Or have you ever found a generally reliable and great escrow/title company to work with?



Henry Y., did you ever find a Title company that was very wholesale friendly??

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