Market Rents in Bremerton, WA

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Hey All,

I'm curious what people are actually getting for market rent in the Bremerton, WA area?

I'm currently renting a 3bd-1bth 850sqft unit in a duplex for $1400 in the Manette Neighborhood.

I'm looking at a similar sized duplex in West Bremerton and wondering if rents are similar over there? Zillow rental listings look similar to where our rent is in Manette. Is this actually the case? What is going on with the rental market here? Do you expect to see rents continue to increase?


@Christian Bateman I have been looking at the Bremerton market-have not bought anything there yet. Seattle sets the pace; as long as Seattle booms people will take the ferries to get there. I am surprised the rents are not even higher. All the best!

$.75-$1/sf seems to be the going rate in Bremerton. I'd go conservative, closer to $.75/sf.  @Bjorn Ahlblad , I spent a few months in Bremerton living on my boat last year. It's pretty rough, especially closer to the ferry dock/shipyard. Though I'm sure rents will rise as the area gentrifies, especially with the planned development going in there...

Check Zillow, Craigslist, and Rentometer.  

I have east Bremerton duplexes.  850 sqft 2bd/1ba by Lyons park in East Bremerton now at $1300.  Those rents are up 80% in the last 7 years.  

I would expect West Bremerton would be the same.

Is your place on Perry Ave?  Those are the stats of a place i almost bought in Mannette November 17.

It's a good time here.


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