Looking for commercial real estate lenders

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Hello all - I am looking for approximately 1Mn in funding. I would appreciate if you could share the names / contacts of best banks for commercial real estate lending (NON OWNER OCCUPIED, office building, greater seattle area)

1. Banks

2. Commercial lenders

3. Hard money lenders

I spoke to someone from Visiolending https://www.visiolending.com/about-us. They had decent products (~5% for 5/1 arm at 30 year term) but very high pre payment penalty which gets triggered by even small early payments.

Appreciate any insights and references.



what  location  ..often best option is to  reach out to the  small to mid size  banks / credit unions  close to the subject property .......you also  might  try contacting any lenders  that  have  been used before for the  building 

@Gaurav Malhotra , check out Middletown Valley Bank. They’re a great community bank that my family has been using for decades. While we haven’t used them for commercial loans, they’re a great bank that can probably work with you on what you need!