Professional/family neighborhoods in Martinsburg, WV

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Hi BP!

I'm interested in investing buy-and-hold single and multi-family homes in Martinsburg.  I don't know that area that well, but I've heard there are a lot of Federal Government operations/offices and major companies around town (for example Amazon, Fedex).

Can anybody tell me the neighborhoods the people that work at those employers typically live in?


I am a native of the area and also a Realtor in Martinsburg. There are lots of area's that those buyers buy in check out my list below. Another rule of thumb is to look at neighborhoods where new constructions is going on, especially with the larger builders. Many of those buyers also decide to live in Jefferson County and Frederick County VA.

The Gallery

Village of Washington Trail

Martinsburg Station

Archers Rock


Arcadia Springs

Just to name a few. 

Let me know if there is other info I can help with! Thanks Aaron

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