New to Milwaukee - advice appreciated!

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Hi everyone, I'm out of state and I'm looking to connect with an investor friendly agent (that has worked with out of state investors before) that can help me look at properties and also give me good insight on neighborhoods.

If anyone has any recommendation let me know!

If you also have any advice for me about the area would be great. I'm reading great things about it but would be good to hear from the locals!

Planning to be there in a few weeks would love to connect as well over coffee!

Thank you

@Bianca Nunes what type of asset are you looking for? Milwaukee breaks down into so many sub markets and different price ranges. A lot of people think of Milwaukee still as a cash flow market, but we had median home prices go up more than 50% in the last 7-8 years. I buy mostly in the suburbs and economically that also makes the most sense for OOSI, because you can cover your overhead with a higher revenue. I post a monthly market update video you can check out here; June will be up today.

@Bianca Nunes I am a real estate agent that works for a property management firm near Milwaukee. We manage close to 1,500 properties in the area. I also own several properties in Milwaukee myself and would love to help you in your investing journey. If you have any questions please fell free to reach out. Goodluck